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Descriptions for each benefit, and the order form, are found below the comparison chart.

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Explanation of benefits

Upgrades are designed to help you get partnered with, get more viewers, and if you are a quality streamer, get more subs, etc.
Included in Homepage featured streamer box
Premium members who are streaming live will takeover/share the homepage "Featured Streamer" display. If no Premium members are streaming, Premium member profiles will display instead. If you are the only live streamer who is upgraded to Premium, you would take over 100% of the homepage featured streamer displays, which put real viewers at your channel!

Included in Featured Streamer box
In the top left corner of nearly every page, we feature Premium members who are streaming live. Since the site gets thousands of people looking for giveaways, guides, emotes, etc... this will give you a constant flow of viewers! Even a new streamer who upgrades to premium will have people checking out their channel anytime they stream.

Appears in Featured Profiles bar
The orange featured profile bar appears on nearly every page of the site. Be sure to set your profile picture so that your image displays properly in the bar. This is a great way to get random & new visitors seeing your content.

Followed by all new club members
That's right... Upgrade to either Standard or Premium today, and every new member who joins thereafter [while your upgrade is active], will automatically follow you on®! Guaranteed views, viewers, and followers come with your upgrade. Of course, we cannot guarantee subscriptions or user activity. This is not unnatural following, all club members agree to support each other this way, per the TOS.

Earn free follower credits - All members are welcome to use the free followers club (found in the Clubhouse) to view 10 profiles each day, and earn 10 follower credits, which automatically spend to cause random free club members to follow you. This will build your following, but not necessarily your viewership.

View Tracked Events - Anyone may view the event tracker pages, though you must connect/login to view the most recent tracked events... 100% free.

Guide Access & Authoring - Anyone may view guides. Connect your Twitch account to to publish guides here. This is a great (and unique!) way to get your ideas, thoughts, and experiences posted on our site. This is a great way to invest your time into your future as a gamer for life!

Twitch Emotes - Anyone may search for emotes.

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