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What is Twitch tv?

Twitch TV that was recently acquired by Amazon is an unusual phenomenon in this digital age we live in. Its rapid growth as a spinoff from it is grown until by 2014 it was garnering over 43 million viewers a month which puts it in the top five peak Internet traffic providers with 2 to 3% of the American Internet viewing public, Trending closely behind Google and the number one provider of online Internet entertainment Netflix.

What does this say about America's viewing habits cable TV viewers are declining regular TV is in the doldrums and people are more and more turning to the Internet for their entertainment needs.

The new High Definition TVs and Widescreen Plasma TVs have Internet connections already installed; as TV makers understand, the landscape for entertainment is shifting from TV, as we know it now to Internet provided venues from all over the world. Today in this article, we will examine the history of Twitch TV and see how it got to where it is today, what it provides for you, why Amazon acquired it and the possible future for Twitch TV and Internet entertainment in general.


Seemed worthy was launched in 2007 providing one of the first Internet websites that catered to those who sought entertainment. It provided entertainment in several venues but one of the more popular ones, the one devoted to interactive games seem worthy to have a side of its own. Thus, Twitch TV was born in 2011. Named after the term to describe first-person shooters where you are required to respond automatically to events that are occurring in the game and use your Twitch reflexes this side soon became a big hit.

So much so that in 2014 closed up shop of all its remaining content sites, renamed itself to Twitch interactive, and devoted itself entirely to support Twitch TV.

In 2013, it became the number one place to go for E-Sports; a term to describe interactive game based athletic events as well is the most popular of online game play competition.

This phenomenon became so great that YouTube and other competing online video sites have attempted to duplicate without success as of this time the garnering of such a large audience.

Twitch TV however has not been standing still. Their archival library of past gaming videos is now available on YouTube and extensive upgrading to Twitch TV's servers and infrastructure was completed with a large influx of much-needed capital.

This resulted in upgraded server speed bandwidth and audio capabilities. Unfortunately, not all these changes were met with viewers acceptance complaints were lodged about poor sound quality and other deficiencies. Twitch TV acted immediately and has corrected most of this.

Acquired By Amazon

Google began looking at acquiring Twitch TV, but antitrust potentials cause them to back away.

Amazon however was not bound by such constraints and acquired Twitch TV for over $900 million at the end of 2014. The fact that one of the largest media providers in the world now owns the most watched media and interactive sites on the planet can give some clue as to what Amazon is planning for the future.

Amazon is noted for its ability to develop and exploit new media technologies originally started to supply the book needs for the world. Amazon branched off with albums and later when the MP3 craze began switched from albums to the other venues of music as well.

They are now a major supplier of videos and Twitch TV may be the opener into an interactive realm of streaming video, entertainment, Music, E-sports as well as Twitch's signature product of online gaming entertainment.

Is one of the big three cloud service providers and this to offers possibilities for expanding Twitched TVs streaming capabilities in the cloud to Amazons many Cloud service subscribers.

What does Twitch Provide?

Currently Twitch is providing streaming video and interactive activities for some of the popular online gaming World of WarCraft, Halo, and Counterstrike are just three of their offerings with many others available that change as public tastes developed to new trends.

E-Sporting events where online gamers compete head-to-head for a claim enterprises in their favorite video games, programming is centered around gaming reviews of new and current games being played. Twitch also provides news, specials, as well as special events, which are streamed similarly to that of pay-per-view on cable or satellite.

You can see where Twitch TV has the advantage over the cable companies and satellite providers as its investment in infrastructure is much less, as it rides on the already existing Internet connections that are in place worldwide and not limited by currents FCC and federal regulations as are cable and satellite companies are.

This provides Twitch TV with the flexibility to develop its own programming virtually without any government interference or regulation.

And with new regulations passed down by the Fed things may even be rosier for Twitch TV as Internet services are now being reported the same status as cable companies and therefore Internet may become a direct competitor to the current cable TV monopoly that exist in this country.

Amazon is obviously aware of this and is looking to expand their services into your home and Twitch TV maybe the vehicle that allows them to do this.

The Future of Twitch TV

So, as you can see Twitch TV as part of may become the future of entertainment in this country replacing cable, satellite, and regular TV with streaming video, these sports, online gaming, as well as other media that Amazon may choose to include. Since as mentioned before Amazon is one of the “Big Three” Cloud Service Providers. It has the hardware and the infrastructure already in place to break into the Internet media market in a big way and Twitch TV may be the door that lets Amazon have the edge needs to expand dramatically in the next 2 to 7 years.

Twitch tv is the biggest providers of online gaming, game related videos and music, and information pertaining to gaming. In fact, if it has anything to do with gaming you'll probably find it here first and be able to interact with it before it is generally known to the public.

Amazon has acquired Twitch TV and is potentially gearing up to make a tremendous expansion into the world of Internet media and entertainment using videos, music, live events, and a 43 million person viewership dedicated to online gaming. Amazon now has a dedicated fan base and is looking to expand that even further. Where this will lead is fascinating, with the possibilities of the new types of entertainment that may be just down the road.